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Which colleges are right for you?

Determining the right colleges to pursue is the hardest and the most important step in the recruiting process. The Playced Search Matching Engine considers every college program in the country and determines how well your Player Resume matches with each program. If you aren’t pursuing the right colleges, you won’t get noticed and you won’t be happy with the end result.

With the Playced digital communications toolkit, you have access to every coach in the country and you can send your Online Player Resume to the right coaches in a matter of minutes. In addition, the Advanced, Platinum and Lifetime Plans both include a money-back guarantee.

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The “right” colleges to pursue are the ones that meet these criteria:

    -The competition level is a match for your athletic abilities.
    -You meet the academic admission requirements.
    -The teams have a need for your position on the roster.
    -The schools are located in the area of the country you prefer.
    -The tuition is affordable with a partial scholarship.
    -The size of the student body is appropriate.
    -The colleges offer your desired major.

After you identify the right colleges, you can use our digital communication toolkit to easily connect with the coaches at those schools. Your recruiting advisor will help you implement a comprehensive strategy, designed to maximize your exposure.


Our technology and software are designed to get you noticed and both
the "Advanced and Lifetime Plans" are backed by a money-back guarantee.

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