Gil Brandt

“If you have a High School athlete looking to play in college Playced is all they need. Lots of ripoffs out there. This is not one.  Don't waste your time with any other recruiting resource.  Playced is the one resource you need."

- July 16, 2014 tweet by Gil Brandt of NFL.com

National Pitching Association

“Playced.com is unique because it instantly filters your choices based on your athletic, academic and personal preferences. By becoming a member, you have everything you need to find the right college.  We would recommend Playced for all our athletes.”

- National Pitching Association 

AZ Diamond Report

“The man who started Playced is the father of a student athlete and former client of a national recruiting service. He was so upset with this service that he developed a tool to help student athletes. He's a numbers guy and the program is impressive.”

- AZ Diamond Report

USA Today High School Sports

“Playced is the Match.com for high school athletes and colleges.  Playced is a service that helps match student-athletes with realistic college options that fit their academic, financial, social and athletic criteria.

- USA Today High School Sports

Vype Magazine

“Call it luck or divine intervention, but VYPE stumbled upon what we believe is a game-changer for students who want to play their sport in college.  Playced is the future in college recruiting.”

- Vype Magazine