Here's what people are saying about Playced:


"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff again for all your help. This process would not have happened without your help. We have included many pics from this morning."

-Doug B., Parent of a 2017 football commit

"Our experience with Playced was Awesome.  Their mentorship, recruiting advice & counsel is unbeatable. Their promise is written on a stone and their integrity is profound.."

-Beatrice I., Parent of a 2018 basketball commit

"What a wonderful and successful experience we had with Playced.  The Playced system is affordable, simple, and effective, produces results you want very quickly and they are there to assist you along the way. ."

- Kelly and Tina M., parents of a 2018 baseball commit

"After negative results with NCSA recruiting, we decided to give Playced a shot.  The results were amazing.  If you want to know what a mentor is then you need to sign up with Playced. "

- Milton P., Parent of 2018 football recruit

“The Playced process was a complete success in placing my son on a Division I baseball team, at a school that was right for him. I would recommend Playced to any high school athlete looking to play in college.”

- Delynn P, Parent of Division I baseball player

"The Playced Matching Engine identified the right colleges for my son to pursue and now he is a Division I basketball player!  Our recruiting advisor was unbelievable and they kept every promise."

June S., Parent of a Division I basketball player


“We use the Playced Team Membership for our teams.  It makes it easy for our coaches to help their players with the college recruiting process.  The fastest path to a college scholarship is with Playced.”

- Mitch Messer, Head Coach, Rapid City Post 22

"Last season 9 of our senior baseball players found a college scholarship using the Playced Matching Engine and our Team Membership. We obviously will use Playced every year.  Our parents appreciate how easy Playced makes the recruiting process." 

-Sean G., Dallas, Texas high school coach

"If you spend more on your recruiting process than the monthly fee it costs for a Playced account, you're crazy.  Playced approaches college recruiting the right way and I trust that every athlete they refer to me is qualified for our program."

- Division II Football Coach talking to his potential recruits

“The most important step in college recruiting is identifying appropriate schools to pursue. If you pursue the wrong schools, you won't like the result. Playced is the best at matching athletes with colleges.  If you are serious about playing in college, use Playced."

- Donnie Watson, Former Division I Head Baseball Coach

“Playced is the best way to earn a college scholarship. Why would anyone let a stranger decide which colleges to pursue? I wish Playced had been here when i was going through the recruiting process.  It would have made my life so much easier.”

- Norelle Dickson, University of Oklahoma All-American, Team USA, Big 12 Player of the Year, Softball Instructor

“ Playced gives athletes everything they need to be successful in finding a college scholarship. Don't waste your time with other recruiting services.  Playced is the best resource for any high school athlete.  When my children are old enough, they will use Playced.”

- Brooks Thompson, Former Head Basketball Coach, University of Texas San Antonio

“As a select basketball coach and former college coach I have been looking for a way to help my athletes find a college scholarship. The only service I would recommend is Playced.  They are always available and stand behind their work.”

- Penny Curry, Former Colorado State Basketball Player and Coach, Founder – Hoops for Him

“As a recruiting coordinator at a Division I college, I viewed the traditional recruiting website emails as junk email. Playced is not a traditional recruiting service and is the only recruiting assistance I would ever suggest to my players.”

- Brett McCabe, Former University of Kansas Recruiting Coordinator


“If you have a High School athlete looking to play in college Playced is all they need. Lots of ripoffs out there. This is not one.  Don't waste your time with any other recruiting resource.  Playced is the one resource you need."

- July 16, 2014 tweet by Gil Brandt of

“ is unique because it instantly filters your choices based on your athletic, academic and personal preferences. By becoming a member, you have everything you need to find the right college.  We would recommend Playced for all our athletes.”

- National Pitching Association 

“The man who started Playced is the father of a student athlete and former client of a national recruiting service. He was so upset with this service that he developed a tool to help student athletes. He's a numbers guy and the program is impressive.”

- AZ Diamond Report

“Playced is the for high school athletes and colleges.  Playced is a service that helps match student-athletes with realistic college options that fit their academic, financial, social and athletic criteria.

- USA Today High School Sports

“Call it luck or divine intervention, but VYPE stumbled upon what we believe is a game-changer for students who want to play their sport in college.  Playced is the future in college recruiting.”

- Vype Magazine