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Search for the right colleges

Identifying the right colleges to contact is the most important aspect of finding a college scholarship. The Playced Search Matching Engine takes the guesswork out of determining where an athlete best fits. It is the difference-maker in the college recruiting process and there is nothing else like it in the industry. 

The Playced Search Matching Engine Considers:

Once you have the right colleges to pursue, we also provide you with a comprehensive recruiting game plan and all the assistance you need to earn a scholarship.

Sample College

The Search Matching Engine analyzes your academic and athletic abilities and compares them to every college roster in the country. You will know the colleges where you have the best chance to earn a scholarship. Then, our recruiting advisors will help you develop a personalized recruiting game plan designed to get you noticed by the coaches at those schools.  

Don’t guess where you can play, don’t rely on someone else’s contacts and don’t hope a college coach magically finds your online profile. Become a Playced member and make your dream of playing in college a reality.