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Scholarship Matching Engine

The Scholarship Matching Engine is what separates Playced from every other company in the recruiting industry. We've designed proprietary software to instantly deliver you with a unique and comprehensive evaluation. Based on your academic & athletic stats and info, this evaluation will include your college level of competition, your ranking against other recruits in your sport and the number of colleges that are a perfect match for you.

Personal Assistance From a Recruiting Expert

Every Advanced and Lifetime member works one-on-one with a Playced Recruiting Adviser.  Your adviser will help develop a personalized recruiting strategy based on your personal preferences and needs and will work with you throughout your recruiting journey.  Our recruiting advisers have a complete understanding of how college recruiting really works and a passion to help high school athletes realize their dreams.  

College Search & 5-Star Match Rating System

The college search feature allows you to set filters and search for the colleges where you have the best chance at earning a scholarship. Whether you decide to let the Scholarship Matching Engine find the right schools for you or you're looking to target schools on your own, our 5-Star Match Rating System will always indicate how well you match with any school in the country.

College Tracker

The College Tracker provides you with everything you need to kick-start and control your recruiting experience. The tracker comes complete with college info, coach contact info, a personal player resume, email templates and a "to-do" checklist. Simply favorite the schools you have the most amount of interest in and when you're ready, connect with those coaches and start making some serious recruiting progress.

Recruit Resume

The college recruiting process is like finding a job. To get to the interview stage, or to start a conversation with the right college coaches, you need a resume that appeals to what those coaches are looking for. Your Recruit Resume will do just that!

Customer Service

We offer LIVE HELP on our website for a reason. There isn’t another recruiting staff in the country that wants to help you more than we do. Ask questions. Get answers. Don’t overpay for recruiting assistance. The average athletic scholarship at the NCAA D II level and lower is roughly $4,700. Don’t spend the college fund trying to find an athletic scholarship.

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