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Search Matching Engine

Identify the colleges where you have the best chance to earn an athletic scholarship with the Search Matching Engine. Our proprietary software is unmatched and has proven to be a game-changer in the college recruiting industry. Don't waste your time on colleges that won't be interested in you. Target the schools that will be as interested in you, as you are in them.

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College Search & 5-Star Match Rating

Use the College Search Feature to find specific colleges you're interested in. Based on your athletic and academic profile, our 5-Star Match Rating System always indicates how well you match with any school in the country.

                                 College Search

College Tracker

The College Tracker will keep you organized and focused throughout your journey. The tracker provides a detailed report and task list for each college on your Favorites List, keeping your recruiting game plan on track.

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Player Resume

Your Player Resume includes all the information a college coach needs to make an initial evaluation of you. The college recruiting process is like trying to find a job. You need a resume that appeals to what those coaches are looking for. Your Player Resume will do just that!

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Personal Assistance From a Recruiting Advisor

If you would like personal assistance, every Advanced, Platinum and Lifetime member works one-on-one with a Recruiting Advisor. Your advisor will help develop a personalized recruiting strategy that is backed by a money-back guarantee. Our advisors have a complete understanding of how college recruiting really works, and have a passion to help high school athletes realize their dreams!  

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