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Playced is the fastest growing athletic recruiting company in the country and was created to level the playing field in college recruiting for every high school athlete. We spent years developing our Matching Engine so we could provide every recruit’s realistic college options instantly, without personal bias or preference! Our recruiting advisors have a complete understanding of how college recruiting and athletics really work and a passion to help high school athletes turn their dreams into realities!

Here’s how it works:

After you enter your athletic and academic stats & info, the Playced Matching Engine provides a full Player Evaluation. Your evaluation is compared to the roster requirements at every college program in the country to determine where you have the best chance to land a scholarship.

Depending on your plan, you will be assigned a Recruiting Advisor to help develop a personalized recruiting strategy tailored specifically to you. Then, create a list of schools you’d like to target using our Matching Engine. See how you stack up for the schools you’ve always dreamed of playing for, or discover the schools that give athletes like you scholarships!

Complete your Player Resume to start connecting with coaches and use your College Tracker to stay organized and focused throughout your recruiting process. Your recruiting advisor will be there every step of the way to mentor, support, answer questions and provide guidance!