About Us

Playced Athletic Recruiting was created in 2014 by Fred Bastie, after trying to navigate the recruiting process with his son. After experiencing high price tags and intense sales tactics claiming to get his son a scholarship, Fred thought this could be done much more effective and efficiently. That’s exactly what Playced is; effective and efficient. Since 2014, we have helped thousands and thousands of families with the recruiting process! Here’s how:

What We Do for Athletes

Instead of promising you a full-ride to the biggest Division 1 schools in the country, we have advisors and a matching engine that know exactly the types of schools that recruit YOU. Our recruiting software takes all of your athletic and academic abilities and tells you which schools you match up with the best, giving you the schools where you have the best opportunity to land a scholarship and continue playing at! If you need more help than what our subscriptions offer, we have an advisor plan that will work the recruiting process on your behalf from start to finish until you sign your NLI!

Our Goal

The goal at Playced is to make student-athletes realize there is a college for everyone to continue playing at! We have help those same athletes make it a reality. We have helped athletes sign to every division of schools there is, we have no doubt we can help you become a collegiate student-athlete!