There’s a reason student comes before athlete in the term student-athlete. It’s because being a student is more important than being an athlete! When you ask yourself if the school you’re committing to will set you up for life after playing, you need to answer it with an academic and futuristic mindset. The answer to this question shouldn’t be about short-term, athletic-minded feelings. Instead, it should 100% account for how you’re positioning yourself for life when your playing days are over.A lot of kids end up at the wrong school because they don’t start with this very basic concept. I encourage you to make the answer to this question the foundation for your college commitment. Here are some things to consider when determining which school is right for you:

  • Does this school offer the major I want to pursue?
  • Are the class sizes conducive to my learning style? Too big, too small?
  • Do I have academic support and tutoring available, should I need it?
  • Does this school have a quality career center to help me with job placement before and after I graduate?
  • What is the average graduation rate for my team?
  • Does this college have a good overall reputation in the hiring job market?

Listen, making a college commitment isn’t just about your college playing career. It’s about setting yourself up for the next stage of your life. Make sure you’re putting as much emphasis on student, as you are athlete and I’m confident you’ll end up at the right school.