Technology is at the center of our everyday lives and college recruiting is no different. Getting in contact with college coaches has never been easier! Sending emails, the RIGHT emails, to college coaches can land you on their radar in the blink of an eye. In this post, we’re going to break down the information you need to have in your introductory email to college coaches.

Subject Line

Keep the subject line short and to the point, ex: John Smith, RB 2020, All-State. Long subject lines tend to get overlooked as coaches have hundreds of emails to thumb through per day. That said, if character length permits, throw in a standout statistic to catch more attention!

Email Body

Similar to the subject line, you don’t want to over-do it on the length of the email itself, keep it short, to the point and personalize it. Make sure you include:

  • Personal information: name, grad, travel team name, HS name, contact information
  • Academic information: GPA & test scores (have to get admitted to the school to make the team!)
  • Athletic information: Sport specific statistics


Instead of ending the email with your athletic information, tell the coach what you’re doing in the future. This could include travel/hs athletic schedules, camps you’ll be attending, when you’ll be trying to contact them again, times you’ll be on campus, etc. Try to put the ball even more in their court at the end of your email and if they’re interested, they’ll reach back out to you.