DALLAS (October 31, 2019)—Playced Athletic Recruiting announces a new partnership with Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) in an effort to increase the exposure and placement of the school’s student-athletes at the collegiate level. The partnership shows the commitment from PCA to provide all enrolled student-athletes an equal opportunity of playing at the next level.

“The academic and athletic reputation of PCA is second to none,” said Ross Hawley, President of Playced. “We are so pleased to be teaming up with a school that truly cares about the future of their young men and women. Prestonwood is first-class, in the classroom and on the field. They have amazing leadership and it shows in the performance of their kids.”

For student-athletes looking to explore their options at the collegiate level, Playced delivers a unique, individual recruiting experience. While considering a student-athlete’s academic and athletic profile, the Playced Matching Engine determines, 0-5 stars, how well that student- athlete fits with every school in the country. Along with the Matching Engine, Playced provides the ultimate platform for student-athletes and college coaches to connect. Since launching online in June of 2013, more than 40,000 athletes have utilized the Playced platform throughtout their recruiting process.

“PCA is proud to team up with company that is trying to help students find a place to play at the next level. Playced has developed a platform that is helpful to any student-athlete that desires to pursue placement in a college athletic program. This program helps students find the best match athletically and academically. We have no hesitation in introducing Playced to our students and families.”

Dr. Terry Rodgers, School Administrator, Prestonwood Christian Academy

About Playced:

Playced.com was founded in 2013 to provide student-athletes a simple and affordable way to approach the college recruiting process. By matching athletes with colleges and teaching them how to get recruited, Playced athletes know which colleges they should pursue and how to pursue them. Playced.com gives aspiring college athletes, of all talent levels and ages, a personalized recruiting game plan to follow. For more information, visit www.Playced.com.

About Prestonwood Christian Academy:

To best equip our students for the world outside of their Christian home, PCA believes a strong partnership between the home, school and church, the basis for Kingdom education, is the foundation for educating the whole child. It is this partnership, working in synergy, that allows a student to fully develop into all that God has planned for them. It is PCA’s desire that through a Christian, Liberal Arts education, students “grow in wisdom, stature and favor with both God and man” (Luke 2:52). Our fully biblically integrated curriculum, staff and student relationships and our Portrait of a Graduate all make Prestonwood Christian Academy an academy of distinction. For more information, visit www.prestonwoodchristian.org.