Do You Know When To Email A College Coach?

This month, we’ve be discussing the who, what, when, where and why of emailing a college coach. Week #1, we discussed who you should be emailing and last week, we discussed what you should say when emailing a college coach. So naturally, this week, we’re talking about when. When should you, as a high school athlete, start sending emails trying to get college coaches to notice you?


Well, the answer is actually pretty simple! You should send an email to a college coach when you’re ready to be seen by that coach. The recruiting process is all about evaluation. It’s about you evaluating what programs you want to play for, and those programs evaluating whether you can play for them, or not. And please understand, every high school athlete will experience the recruiting process, differently. That includes the timelines in which colleges start expressing and showing interest. That said, stick to the rule of evaluation. Look at an email to a college coach as a start to that process. If you’re ready to be evaluated and seen, send an email.


And here’s another quick tip, if you aren’t playing varsity, hold off on sending any emails. In all likelihood, you’ve got one chance to make a first impression. You want to make it a good one! If you were a college coach, would you want to watch film on a player on a freshmen or JV team? Be patient and when you’re recruiting window is open, you’ll know it!