Matching Engine

How much easier would the recruiting process be if you KNEW which schools recruit and offer scholarships to a student-athlete like YOU? Oh wait… that describes the purpose behind the Playced Matching Engine. Our state-of-the-art matching engine is exclusive and only accessible to Playced subscribers! To put it simply, our software considers your relevant athletic and academic statistics, accounts for your college preferences, then compares your player resume with our college database. Instantly, the matching engine tells you how well, on a 0 to 5-star scale, you match with any school in the country (all 2- and 4-years schools included)! By evaluating your resume against our college database, you can target schools that make sense for you, both academically and athletically. No more wasted time wondering where you belong, or which schools should be recruiting you. The matching engine is going to get you noticed, and get you signed! 

Advisor Plan

Our one-on-one advisor plans offer an unmatched “white glove service” approach for our student-athletes and families. From an in-depth college search to develop your target list of schools, to a detailed communication schedule with college coaches, a Playced advisor will literally guide you through the college recruiting process. With a laser-focused strategy designed around your unique circumstances, a Playced advisor will absolutely be the difference-maker in getting you noticed, getting you recruited and getting you signed!


Arguably, the biggest difference from Playced and other recruiting services is our pricing. For the families wanting to navigate the recruiting process on their own, a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription offers the flexibility you’re needing. Prices starting at just $14.99! If you’re looking for that “white glove” one-one-one assistance, we recommend an advisor plan. Advisor plan pricing is based on the time and effort it will take a Playced advisor to help you achieve your goals. We’re positive we will get you the results you deserve, that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our advisor plans. No one else in the industry does that! 

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