Skeletons – spooky. Witches – wicked. Horror movies – scary. Something scarier than all of those things combined – asking a college coach how much of a scholarship they’re going to give you.

Just because you’re being recruited does NOT give you the right to immediately talk about scholarship dollars. Don’t count your chickens before your eggs have hatched! The best course of action regarding scholarships and/or the amount of scholarship money offered, is to let the coach recruiting you bring it up. Once they do, then you have free reign to respectively discuss and ask questions about your scholarship offer.

What if the coach hasn’t discussed scholarships yet but is actively recruiting me?

There are other questions you can ask a coach who’s been recruiting you pertaining to scholarships and their recruiting specifically, here are a few:

What’s your recruiting timeline with me?

When do you plan on being done with recruiting for *your grad year here*?

How many athletes do you plan on bringing in for *X* year?

How many more athletes do you plan on bringing in for *X* year?

Do yourself a favor, don’t scare a college coach by asking about your scholarship amount. It’s the elephant in the room. They’ll address your offer when the time is right!