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Changing the college recruiting industry

After experiencing the high-pressure sales tactics and expensive price tags in the college recruiting service industry with his children, Fred Bastie started Playced in 2014.  Playced is a college recruiting service founded with the intent to level the playing field for high school student athletes.  By leveraging his long-standing relationships with college coaches and professional athletes, Fred developed a web-based matching engine that takes high school athletes and matches them with the right colleges.  The Playced software takes the guesswork out of recruiting and make the process simple.

The Playced proprietary scoring system grades recruits based on athletic and academic data, and combines it with specific college preferences to find the ideal college for every athlete. The algorithms have been rigorously tested and have proven to be “spot on” accurate.  Thousands of recruits have saved the headaches of pursuing the wrong school by using Playced.

Once an athlete completes their profile, the database does the heavy lifting and determines how good a match any college program in the country is for the athlete.  This dramatically reduces the cost in helping our athletes, which allows us to offer affordable plans for all athletes.  Additionally, the Playced software provides continuous feedback by allowing athletes to update their information anytime throughout the recruiting process.

As former college athletes, the Playced advisors are highly qualified to answer questions, give feedback, and provide unique insight into the constantly growing industry of college athletics.