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Playced Athletic Recruiting

What is Playced?

Playced is the premier tool for high school athletes that want to connect with the right colleges. With our proprietary software, Playced matches athletes with colleges based on athletic ability, as well as their academic, financial, and geographic preferences.  Playced offers a variety of packages to give each high school athlete the tools needed to get recruited at an affordable price including personal assistance from our expert recruiting advisors.

Find Colleges & Scholarships

Playced provides athletes with a comprehensive database that contains coach’s contact info, university stats, and important material on every school in the country. Combined with our communications tool-kit, Playced makes it easy to communicate with coaches effectively.

Personalized Advisory Service

Busy athletes and families depend on our seasoned recruiting advisors to help them navigate the recruiting process. The Playced advisors help you develop a game plan, identify potential colleges, communicate with coaches, and get a scholarship. Our plans are sensibly priced and come with a money back guarantee.

Still Undecided?

Still have questions? No problem! Check out the Playced blog to learn more about the ins and outs of the college recruiting process.  Playced is also the official recruiting partner of USA Today High School Sports. We've helped thousands of athletes find a college home at all levels. It’s what we do!