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Don't wait around hoping for college coaches to find you. Create an attention-getting player resume and find your matching college programs with PLAYCED. Get noticed. Now.

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Considering your unique athletic AND academic information, the PLAYCED Search Matching Engine will identify the colleges that best fit your player resume.

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PLAYCED is the official recruiting partner of USA TODAY High School Sports. We've helped thousands of athletes find a college home, at all levels. It's what we do.

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Our recruiting toolkit and dedicated advisors will put you on the scholarship fast-track. No more anxiety. No more guesswork. You WILL become a recruit with PLAYCED.

Our Recruitment Plans

We have a wide range of recruiting plans including everything from FREE options to personalized packages that come with a money-back guarantee.

Still Undecided?

Still have questions? No problem! Check out the PLAYCED blog to learn more about the ins and outs of the college recruiting process.

"PLAYCED is affordable, simple and effective. They get you the results you want very quickly!"

-Kelly and Tina M.,
Parents of a 2018 scholarship athlete

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