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As the official recruiting partner of USA Today High School Sports, we've had the opportunity to talk one-on-one about recruiting with college coaches from every level of competition. We know exactly what they are looking for and we know exactly what a recruit needs to do to earn a college scholarship. We help thousands of baseball players find college scholarships every year because college coaches trust us and believe in our approach to the recruiting process.  Simply put, you need us in your corner. 

Additionally, athletes who use the Playced Scholarship Matching Engine to identify their target colleges are 3 times more likely to connect with the coaches at those schools.  The Scholarship Matching Engine evaluates each athlete based on statistics and metrics, matches the athlete with appropriate colleges based on their academic and athletic profile and delivers a recruiting game plan unique to each situation. We provide everything a recruit needs to secure a college scholarship without spending a fortune. In addition, our recruiting experts are available to help each step of the way.

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